Borgo Le Caselle

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Borgo Le Caselle is situated at the edge of Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park in Campania in the province of Salerno, amidst green hillsides supporting traditional agriculture and livestock farming. From the Borgo you have magnificient views of the Gulf (Golfo di Policastro) and the Thyrranian Sea.

At an altitude of 670 mtrs, the two carefully restored houses built of natural stone are part of the comunal area of Tortorella, bordering on the Basilicata. You will enjoy plenty of pure mountain air and breathtaking panoramic views, hidden pathways taking you through darkish green woodland covered by “stone oak trees”, to the sound of cow bells from cattle grazing in their paddocks.

This is why we consider that Borgo Le Caselle is the ideal place to relax, but no less a starting
point for discovering the area´s authentic mountain villages as well as for exploring its unspoiled natural coast line. In the woods close to the Borgo, wild cats and even wolves are said to live. You will come across lizards lazily sunbathing on limestone rocks, and small herds of goats, sheep and cows on their way up to the pastures at a height of almost 1500 mtrs, all of this right at the back of our two houses!

Borgo Le Caselle consists of two houses, offering holiday accommodation in three entirely
separate units: The “Lower House” or “Casa Sottana” accommodating 4-6 people on 110 sq.mtrs and the “Upper House” or “Casa Soprana” for up to 6 people on 120 sq.mtrs.

The houses sit on terraced hillside land, with lawn, vegetable garden and holm oak woodland.
Each holiday home has its own entrance and terraces affording panoramic views across an undulating landscape all the way to the Gulf and the sea in the distance.
Each holiday unit has central heating supplied by a wood burning oven or fire. In summer, hot water is provided by solar energy and gas.

There is an annex to each building, complete with washing machine, dryer, iron board and iron
free of charge. Logs for fireplace or barbecue are also at your disposal.We provide you with free bedding and towels.

There is a kind of treehouse on stilts in the adjoining wood where you will enjoy some of your leisure time between excursions.

If you have any special requirements or wishes please let us know, we would like to oblige you.