B&B Ischia I cinque sensi

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An ancient monastery of the XIII century is now my house. Built near the sea, it has a 180° view from the Aragonese Castle to Punta Molino, through the Vesuvius, the Islands of Procida and Vivara and the Italian coast. The apartment has thick walls and vaulted ceilings, and a balcony on strong arches. The room is wide and peaceful, overlooking the sea. My house is located in the ancient village of Ischia Ponte and it is not far from the harbour and the commercial streets, as well as from the hills and the inner parts of the island, where you can enjoy beautiful walks. The island of Ischia has a long and rich history – it was the first Greek settlement in the western Mediterranean sea –, is well known for its thermal waters and it is also called “the green island” for the rich vegetation covering it. It is part of the sea reserve “Area marina protetta Regno di Nettuno” and it offers the possibility of holidays specific for any age: diving and trekking, sand and rocks, spa and Italian cuisine, festivals and discos…it is difficult to be disappointed!
Wie uns erreichen:
Da ischia Porto, arrivare a Ischia Ponte in taxi, in autobus (N° 7) o a piedi (circa 20 minuti). Di fronte alla chiesa dello Spirito Santo c'è Largo Convento. Il portone di sinistra della facciata bianca